Join the Isometric Science Network

Isometric is building a diverse, engaged network of experts to ensure that CDR scales in a scientifically rigorous and transparent manner. We compensate scientists generously for their valued time and work, and there are no non-compete contracts or restrictions on scientists’ other activities. Join us to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of CDR and climate change.

Read our announcement post to learn about how we engage with our network and our compensation structure.

Isometric Scientists:

Chris HoldsworthChristina LarkinSarah SaltzerRichard PlevinGrant Faber

Fundamental Scientific Research

We build partnerships to support and participate in fundamental research to address key monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) knowledge gaps.

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Protocol Assessment and Development

We work with our network to assess new CDR technologies, review verification approaches and develop the protocols critical for MRV and credit issuance.

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Consensus Building

We collaborate with partners and the broader scientific community to develop consensus on rigorous MRV frameworks and tools for accelerating the responsible adaptation of CDR.

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